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residence                                 water, energy
other handicraft, technology       bushcraft, experimental archeology
sports, play, culture, travel         recreational survival

communes, communities
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environment, ecology, green, nature, sustainable, socio-economic, development, politics, various.

The limits to growth, Meadows, D. et al. 1972.    

Small is beautiful, F.W.Schumacher. 1973.

The unsettling of America, culture and agriculture, Wendell Berry. 1977.

Backyard revolution, understanding the New citizen movement, Harry C. Boyte. 1981

The Violence of the green revolution, Vandana Shiva. 1989.

A green history of the world, Clive Ponting. 1991.

The environmentalists, a biographical dictionary from the 17th century to the pre-
sent, Alan Axelrod. 1993.

The greening of the revolution, Cuba's experiment with organic agriculture, Peter Rosset and Medea Benjamin. 1994.

Localization, a global manifesto, Colin Hines. 2000.

There is an alternative. Subsistence, an worldwide resistance to corporate globali-
zation, Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen, Nicholas Faraclas, Claudia von Werlhof,  eds. 2001.


One acre and security, Bradford Angier, 1972.

Savoir revivre,  Jacques Massacrier, 1973.  [french language]

The survival handbook - self-sufficiency for everyone, Michael Allaby, 1975.

The complete book of self-sufficiency, John Seymour, 1976.

Homesteading: how to find new independence on the land, G. Logsdon, 1976. 

Self-sufficient smallholding, The Soil Association, 1976.  

The one-straw revolution, Masanobu Fukuoka, 1978.

Abundant living in the coming age of the tree, Kathleen Jannaway, 1991.

Backyard self-sufficiency, Jackie French, 1992.

Anastasia, Vladimir Megre, 1996.

Extreme simplicity, homesteading in the city, C. and D. Nyerges, 2002.

Homegrown, Brian Halweil, 2002.

Living on an acre, updated edition, Christine Woodside ed., 2003.

The transition handbook, Rob Hopkins, 2008.

The self sufficient-ish bible, Andy Hamilton and Dave Hamilton. 2009.

The self-sufficiency bible, hundreds of ways to become self-sufficient, Simon Dawson. 2010

Google books, self-sufficiency



The Ruth Stout no-work garden book, Ruth Stout, 1971.

Square foot gardening, Mel Bartholomew, 1981.

The complete book of edible landscaping, Rosalind Creasy, 1982.

The forest garden, Robert Hart, 1991.

How to make af forest garden, Patrick Whitefield, 1996.

Landscaping with fruits and vegetables, Fred Hagy, 2001.

Micro eco-farming, Barbara Berst Adams, 2004.
Wine making the natural way, Ian Ball, 1983.

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The autonomous house, Brenda and Robert Vale. 1975.

The integral urban house, self-reliant living in the city, H.and B.Olkowski, 1979.

Bioshelters, ocean arks, city farming, Nancy Jack and John Todd, 1984.

Stone buildings, conservation, repair, building, Patrick McAfee. 1998.

The natural house, Daniel D.Chiras. 2000.

Straw bale building, Chris Magwood, et al.  2000.

Building with earth, earthbag construction, by Paulina Wojciechowska. 2001.


The toilet papers, recycle human waste and water, Sim.Van Der Ryn, 1978.

The home water supply, how to find, filter, store, conserve, Stu Campbell, 1983.

Wells and septic systems, Max Alth, et al, 1991.

The passive solar energy book, Edward Mazria, 1979.

Power with nature, Rex A. Ewing, 2003.

Health care   
Other handicraft, technology
Technological self-sufficiency, Robin Clarke, 1976.

Appropriate technology sourcebook, Ken and Mike Saxenian, 1986, 1993.


experimental archeology

Sports, play, culture, travel
The Brendan Voyage, Tim Severin, 1978.
recreational survival

Communes, communities
Eurotopia - Directory of intentional communities and ecovillages in Europe.
Creating a life together, Diana Leafe Christian, 2003.


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