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Robinson CrusoŽ, Daniel Defoe. 1711.     

Walden, or life in the woods, Henri David Thoreau. 1854.  

Three acres and liberty, Bolton Hall, 1907.

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Jedermann Selbstversorger, Leberecht Migge, Jena 1919.
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Rosinkawiese, Gudrun Pausewang. 1983. 
back to the land in the thirties.

Flight from the city, Ralph Borsodi. 1933.

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Five acres and independence, Maurice Grenville Kains. 1935.

Living on an acre, U.S. department of agriculture, 19...

Tajozjny toepik, Vladimir Peskov. 1990. 
hermits in the taiga, in the forties and onwards, dutch translation from russian.

The have-more plan, Ed and Carolyn Robinson. 1944.

Walden two, B.F.Skinner. 1946.

Living the good life, Helen & Scott Nearing. 1950.

Gardening without work, Ruth Stout. 1961.

Living on the earth, Alicia Bay Laurel. 1969.

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News from nowhere,  William Morris. 1890

Garden cities of to-morrow, Ebenezer Howard. 1898.

Early green politics: back to nature, back to the land and socialism in Britain 1880-1900, P.C.Gould. 1989.

At home in nature: modern homesteading and spiritual practice In America,
Rebecca Kneale Gould. 2005.

Tree crops, a permanent agriculture, J. Russell Smith. 1929.

Silent spring, R.Carson. 1960.


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