A note on Basic income

From basic income to basic property


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A note on basic income

Subsistence level.

Above poverty and dependent on living situation: house (rent/maintenance), household (number of persons), health (costs of medicine, healthcare, insurance),
education, local price level, other necessary costs.
The basic income of a household is on this subsistence level.

Income from work and other income adds to the basic income until the minimum
wage level (or minimum living level) is reached and lessens afterwards the basic
income part until the income of the household is generated by income from work
and other income only.

Minimum wage level, minimum living level.

From the living situation of a household: house (rent/maintenance), number and
age of persons, health (costs of medicine, healthcare, insurance), education,
local price level, other necessary costs, ..., a financial minimum living level
Income from wage, salary, savings and income in natura (garden, maintenance
and other self-production) should provide for it.
If not, a basic income arrangement as above could fill in the gap.


By tax declaration (estimation of income in advance and declaration afterwards)
any registered (adult) citizen or household pays afterwards and/or receives in
Unable, lazy, addicted, in debt.

For those unable to work arrangements to live above subsistence level should
In other cases available or by policy created work could provide an incentive to
earn some extra income.
Existing addiction treatments and services to relieve debt to be adapted to basic
income schemes.

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                                                                                          oct '019
From basic income to basic property

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Revitalisation of rural area's.

A rarely recognised effect of a Basic income is that lack of jobs in rural area's no longer forbids settling there. Along with easy or free access to residence plots (basic property) and some green self-prductivity it could help, with limited motorised transportation and some digital communication, to recreate a vital and lively countryside.  
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