A note on basic income

From basic income to basic property

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A note on basic income

Subsistence level.

Above poverty and dependent on living situation: house (rent/maintenance), household (number of persons), health (costs of medicine, healthcare, insurance),
education, local price level, other necessary costs.
The basic income of a household is on this subsistence level.

Income from work and other income adds to the basic income until the minimum
wage level (or minimum living level) is reached and lessens afterwards the basic
income part until the income of the household is generated by income from work
and other income only.

Minimum wage level, minimum living level.

From the living situation of a household: house (rent/maintenance), number and
age of persons, health (costs of medicine, healthcare, insurance), education,
local price level, other necessary costs, ..., a financial minimum living level
Income from wage, salary, savings and income in natura (garden, maintenance
and other self-production) should provide for it.
If not, a basic income arrangement as above could fill in the gap.


By tax declaration (estimation of income in advance and declaration afterwards)
any registered (adult) citizen or household pays afterwards and/or receives in
Unable, lazy, addicted, in debt.

For those unable to work arrangements to live above subsistence level should
In other cases available or by policy created work could provide an incentive to
earn some extra income.
Existing addiction treatments and services to relieve debt to be adapted to basic
income schemes.

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Follows a booklet of poetry. [1973-77]

                                                                                          oct '019
From basic income to basic property

See, Money, Sustainable, Studio.

See Basic property, Studio.

See, Basic property and migration, Studio.

Revitalisation of rural area's.

A rarely recognised effect of a Basic income is that lack of jobs in rural area's no longer forbids settling there. Along with easy or free access to residence plots (basic property) and some green self-prductivity it could help, with limited motorised transportation and some digital communication, to recreate a vital and lively countryside.  
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Isdatzo Datiszo

dehemelinhetwater                           1

Bronwyn's knife,
her love is life

Dageraad 4                                      2    

Light wings in
fingers silk ankle tingle
she she rests in red house


Now here place for now
here man or palace now
here Thomas More

Meadows                                        3

En wie Groningen steen
voor steen demonteert

Grusz                                             4

Haus rund offen rot
grüss Gott ein Blitz stand senk-
recht auf der Autobahn


So many people
caring caressing the well
being of their soul

The sky is an eye                            5

Een aai van een oog
een baai zo groot zo
helder diep en blauw
glinstert daarginder

Dear friends

Dear friends receive
this leaf's reply
hope it will send
you very high
illuminating Autumn
how he enters the city
coming through the bodies
coming through the eyes
and coming too in many ways
through rays out of the sky

Nowhere men                                 6

Nowhere man goes nowhere
because nowhere man is dead
nowhere man goed nowhere
all that goes went in his head

Spinning softly idle windings
round around his nowhere dream
gazing crazy into nothing
nothing whispers in this stream

Only rivers full of sorrow
soundless floods with terror filled
dark waters call them horror
there is bloodshed still unstilled

So go nowhere please go nowhere
go go nowhere nowhere go
listen listen to the dead ones
nowhere men where do we go ?



Tschüss                                        7

Sie zeichnet Farben

hell, verrückt graue Frau da
von der Autobahn

Zug                                               8

Was sucht
was zücht
der Zug

How heavy it is                              9
Karl Marx, this Capital that
I bear on my hand

What to say
and where to go
you you tell me
I don't know

Sweet love
how bitter
is your memory

A certain change                           10

You wicked wizards sigh
ages appearances fly by
maybe your lips did cry

Truth table

The magic of truth
truth's light
truth's power
truth's essence
the phenomenology of truth
truth's lingering language
the observation of truth
truth's sociology
truth's psychology
truth's logics
the consolation of truth


The only thing
a gentle man can say
is peace
in every way


Cry stay by
we are moving
in the nature
of our mature
body sigh sigh sign          

Triple fountain                              11

There he rises
raising fire, falling echo
space pacific

Id entities and some salt

No flags and please
no symbols
no signs and please
no names
sweet label superstition
is known by its games

No tombs then
neither statues
titles ranks
or fame
some times superstition
burnt by the flame


The story is told
by words to the mind
the story is old
so much to be told


Ladies swift as water
and faster than the sun
saw you moving eastward
the fifth having fun

Sweet lady

Sweet lady listen it may please you
to be told of pleasant things
maybe even it will ease you
to behold in wordly wings

Come aside sit down rest quietly
for a short while from your way
there is silence or so slightly
in these stone walls old clay grey

How they hover how they cover
standing time in endless pace
how they outlaw any lover
bearing trees like grass to space


The main bias
in sociology
is the sociologist

Interference                                            12

Re a
rep a

ita comes
an goes

n comes
r goes

k comes
p goes

internationalist position

Distant love.

Miss me miss mine
almost in China
you took my heart
it fell apart
so take my tears

One blue one red

a dry one and one wet
a yellow one one white
a black one for by night

Miss thee miss thine
thy perfume and thy wine
thy creamy powdered milk
thy true and only silk.

1. Lily lotus iris orris
   heaven(sky) in the water.

2. Dawn 4.

3. And who disassembles
   Groningen stone by stone
   dismantles history.

4. Greeting.
   House round open red
   greet God, a thunderbolt stood
   perpendicular on the highway.

5. A stroke of an eye
   a bay so great so
   clear deep and blue
   glistens yonder.

6. to Robert Graves.
   (Goodbye to all that)

7. Goodbye.
   She draws colours hell
   crazy, grey lady there
   from the highway.

8. Train.
   What searches
   is looking for
   the train.

9. to Basho.
   (The narrow road to the deep north and other travel sketches)

10. At a picture/drawing of Maya wizards/priests.
11. to Ayn Rand.
   (The fountainhead)

12. Piece of paper on a text, somewhat moved.

A booklet of poetry (A6) 1973-77. Amsterdam.
German language because of travels to Switzerland (Krisnamurti talks) and back. Energy, Dear friends, Sweet lady.

.txt edition 2016/19 (some references/notes added).

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