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Sea level rise and rural repopulation

Basic property and migration

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Catching up                                                                                  aug '013

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Jedermann Selbstversorger, Leberecht Migge. Jena 1919.
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George Monbiot.
Resurgence, ... ./authors, various essays by George Monbiot.
Permaculture research institute, author, George Monbiot.

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Permaculture activist  1, 1985 -


Women, land-struggles and the valorization of labor. Silvia Federici.


Economic myths, based on When corporations rule the world, David C. Korten,

Globalization and the myth of free trade, Anwar Shaikh. 2003. (pdf)

The myth of free-trade Britain, John V.C. Nye. In Libary of economics and liberty.

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Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on
welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security
and an elusive American drea
Ukiah blog, in Around the web, July 29, 2013


Sea level rise and rural repopulation                                .      nov '013

Will low lying area's probably
1 be flooded after ... , 50, 100 or more years,
appropriate measures are to be taken in time.
Apart from close monitoring of atmosphere temperature, melting of ice, sea and
river levels, ... , building dikes in advance, heighten them and getting rid of
excessive water from rivers, will eventually come to an end, here and there.

Populations and their settlements to be evacuated then, better sooner than later,
remaining buildings, infrastructure, industrial sites vanishing into and under water, fishes and water plants keeping them company unless toxic substances prevent

A first concern thus for regions with a risk of future transition into submarine
existence is to free these regions from their polluting potential.
In other words do fish, plants and the like have a life in and among the slowly
deteriorating human artefacts ? For their own benefit (deep ecology) as well as for
ours, a possible urgent ability to feed us remaining intact.

A second to abstain from building and other such development in those areas.
To avoid future loss of investments or to redirect them into sea level proof projects.
Agriculture, nature, recreational facilities.
A third, where to build new houses, villages, cities, plus corresponding production
and transport capacity on save higher levels. 

Treaties with neighbouring countries, sometimes facing similar problems, in order
to settle there when the time comes, could be helpful to exist already in case
visible and invisible hands are not quite able to avoid confusion and chaos.

Indeed, apart from studying and planning, to start well in advance with smart
migration from risky, densely populated area's will eventually result in win-win
situations. Less crowded urban agglomerations are better able to cope with
sudden unforeseen flooding and at the same time more livable, open, green.  

Compact city versus rural sprawl                                                         .

A choice between existing as well as new cities on higher grounds and more rural
developments less vulnerable to possible flooding, may be a first outcome of
private and public reflection on preliminary evacuation.

Compact and other city adepts
3 will choose for the first option. Cities even more
compact, crowded, perhaps completely  new ones.
Agricultural fields at a same average distance or more nearby in 'sustainable'
solutions. In the last case integrated even in high buildings, living near working
and vice versa well advanced (although some prefer to travel across the
agglomeration by metro or light rail twice a day), smart energy systems etc.

Unaware often of the fact that in rural areas there usually is abundance of space.
Nevertheless, a move towards more open, greener less unhealthy
5 cities, could
go together with dispersed rural living. 

Self-production of food, heating, electricity, water, ..., housing, brings
decentralized ways of living more in reach, thanks to (frugal use of) car, computer
and some mental reorientation. 
Basic income, basic property  6                                              .

But especially the many-sided social innovation of a basic income (in connection
with a basic property) gives whoever is motivated so, access to this alternative.

New counter urbanization then by a 'back to the land' in smaller or larger
settlements, practising horticulture, crafts, do it yourself and, as a variant on slow
food, slow life.  
Application of a basic income plus increasing self-production to urban sprawl
situations, potentially renovating and revitalising the localities beyond recognition
('food not lawns'), could even please its critics. 

Desert living and floating constructions

On further reflection in line with foregoing adaptations and measures, deserts as
attractive new living areas come into the picture as well.

Irrigation by evaporation/condensation of pipeline supplied seawater
7 facilitates a
variety of habitats. For aspiring Mars colonizers hardly a challenge and financially
more or less peanuts.

Does living on inland waters or at sea also seem close at hand, plenty of
corresponding designs
8 , in itself, apart from costs of residence plots and
anchorage, floating constructions generally are far more expensive (despite some
typical advantagres
9 ) than those fit for simple living on land such as log,
10 , sandbag, strawbale and other houses. 

Even so, appropiate housing able to float in inland waters if necessary, may be a
choice if desert too far, borders closed, sea too wavy.
Once floating the preferably adjacent agriculture also floating, with some additional
or substitutional aquaculture, vegetable, animal, if so.
1 Sea level rise' internet search.
2 Remaining buildings removable, floating. Artificial hills ?
3 For instance, George Monbiot, Atro-city.
4 Although. Agreable, attractive architecture wherein people feel at home,
appears to be still far away, generally.
5 Health problems/issues in cities' internet search.
6 Basic property, on this website.
7 Sites, residence, water, desert irrigation, on this website.
8 Ecoboat and other sites.
9 Relative easy storage of heat in water.
10 Sites, residence.

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                                                                                             .  jul '016
Basic property and migration 1

Basic property
2 consists of an equivalent area of land plus [rights to] income
from various natural and other resources.

Adult inhabitants not using their land themselves, can rent it out (apart from a
building lot) to others who will generally use it to produce for markets.

Developed from a relatively strong seventies 'back to nature' trend
5, wherein a
mainly self-sufficient (family) household was found most to the point, innovative
and promising.

Nevertheless, in all its simplicity and problemsolving
6 capacity, the for some
attractive concept proved difficult to realize in context of the economical status

A piece of land  sometimes affordable
8, as for a building permission, costs of
a self-built house, necessary supplementary income on a regular basis and
development of self-production, only accessible for wealthier individuals
and organisations.  

No response from those until now. On condition of a quite reasonable basic
property in combination with a basic income the relative timeless concept could
still regain the considerable societal time lost.
1 Adapted from dutch language, Basisbezit en migratie, 2015. 
2 Basic property, on this website.                               
3 Calculation of this income will give multiple outcomes, dependant also on
definition of 'other resources'.
A basic income covering minimal costs of a social and human living should
result from it.
4 See (in dutch language): Self-sufficiency under equality and land taxation'
(Henry George) and Comment on a covertext', by the same author.
5 Sociology, Limits to growth, Mother Earth News (magazine), organic, green,
ecologic, small scale, sustainable, ... .
6 Environment, energy, unemployment.
'A piece of land, some money and a job 'self-sufficiency' is in principle present',
from Self-sufficiency as a plan for employment', 1982 and in Walden four 2, p.9,
2006. Both in dutch language, idem.
7 As a relative paradox throwing light also on economic theory.
8 Depending on surface per inhabitant and fertility. Half a soccer field in tne
Netherlands. See if you like, dutch language, Walden three, poetic essay',

Self-sufficient/self-productive household

A rather fast realizable mini- or micro economy providing for many basic needs.
To it, as balancing item, a margin of market production.

Prototypes, in longer term to develop and improve further, in first stages soon
able to provide for shelter, food, clothing, water- and energy arrangements.

The more expertise gained, the more effective internal (rural exodus) and
external migration (from eastern europe, middle east,africa, mexico, ...) can be
prevented and various emergency situations more efficiently reacted on.
1 See, dutch language, Ecomomy of self-production' and The income of a
self-sufficient household', idem.
2 Compare Sealevel rise and rural repopulation', above.

Legislation, human rights

Could land for self-production and a modest regular money income be given
sometimes ad hoc by governments, organisations or private persons, legislation
as such including rules of allocation and supporting science plus education, can
facilitate this more general and evenly.

A right to property, labor, means of existence part nevertheless of The universal
declaration of the rights of man', a right to an equivalent part of land and other
natural resources unfortunately not.

It gives, if effective, refugees for violence of civil war or persecution in a country,
a fundamental right of living and existence in that country, if necessary in
marginal equivalent parts of it.

A right to retention of living surface that, if talks don't help anymore and many
flee across the border, could be maintained on longer or shorter period with
international military pressure or means.

A grey area here are lawbreakers, but they also could choose for a (guarded)
existence on equivalent parts of land.
Population growth

"Became the partly idealized ancient communistic communal property soon a
monopoly of those in power, a basic law which lays the natural resources c.q
means of production more concrete and inalienable in hands of the population,
that is allocating to every individual, could anchor the sovereignty of the people
more firmly and built in a slow down on exessive population growth."

Poverty as a result partly of overpopulation pushed and pushes people to
overcrowded cities and regions with an often seemingly appearance of prosperity.
Thus cheap labor feeding the image of wealth in which only limited groups really
1 from Origin of the city', dutch language, idem.


Are chances above welfare and food-bank level for less qualified (economic)
migrants predominantly small
1 sporadic succes stories 2 abundance of
self-confidence, hope and the effect of relentless advertising indoctrination from
(neo)liberal corporate and market culture
3 do many flee an apparently or
allegedly poor local existence.

Individual and social energy plus money
4 thus not spending on local changes 5,
although this will prove to be an impossible task in many cases.
Adequate impulses to it from 'prosperity' home countries also lacking, such as
the often held carrot of more education to result sometime in 'economic growth'.
1 For underprivileged inhabitants not so much better.
2 Among which topsalaries of soccer players, popmusic and other characters,
d.j's, ... .
3 Including product dumping, raw materials extraction, poverty jobs, chauvinistic
impressing tourists. 
4 People trafficking travel agencies. 
5 Land reform, simple, green, more self-sufficient (healthier) existence, giving up
'western' consumption and throwaway culture.
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Desert irrigator                                                                   mar '017
Positive effects of ongoing climate change: new agricultural area's as a result of
warmer and or wetter weather get generally less attention than negative ones
such as sealevel rise
1, flooding by rivers, new desert area's.

In the last case, the still more or less hypothetical option  of seawater supply by
pipeline and evaporation/condensation in 'dômes' thanks to sunshine, nightfall,
underground and otherwise, could be a most urgent low tech approach of
threatening droughts.

Does large scale desalination plants
3 driven by fossil fuel energy succesfully
exist, mainly to produce drinking and other domestic water, agricultural usage of
it will generally be too expensive.   

Smaller scale installations running on wind and or sun
4 using reverse osmosis
technique to produce drinking water or cleaning polluted water, will also be rather
expensive in agricultural usage.

Seawater greenhouse
5 on the other hand evaporates and condenses seawater
by direct heat of the sun in order to grow vegetables, fruits etc. in large
greenhouses. Superfluous condensed water irrigates outside crops.  
Nevertheless, large greenhouses with inside crops, solar cell driven fans, cold
seawater condensors and extensive systems of pipes, do demand some quantity
of materials and supporting devices.

Greenhouse(s) only used for fresh water production from pipeline supplied
seawater and irrigation of outside crops such as fig trees, could be easier and
more cheap.

More sources such as 'watercone', 'solar distillation and desalination of ocean
salt water'
6 suggest, on condition of enough sun, the larger scale low tech
possibility of seawater conversion into fresh water by evaporation/condensation.

Thus, a desert irrigator consisting of a seawater pipeline with numbers of
connected small dômes or the like, pumping engines, regulation equipment,
periodical removing of salt, could provide sufficient fresh water for a variety of
outside crops.

Combination with other desert greening solutions
7 will sometimes work out to
mutual advantage. 
1 Sea level rise and rural repopulation', desert living and floating constructions. Above.

South Florida and sea level rise

In likewise situations, gradual adaption of buildings to self-sufficiency qua energy, water and wastewater management, rank probably high among possible solutions.           
2.A Manhattan project' to save America from drought

Seawater through the pipelines and smaller scale, more local desalination in dômes as mentioned plus scrupulous collection of wastewater and rain.

The climate “doomsday” is already here

3 Salt water desalination

4 Drinking with the wind

Aqua-Aero watersystems

5 Seawater greenhouse

6 Watercone

Solar distillation and desalination of ocean salt water

7 Permaculture greening the desert

8 Some background in www.zelfvoorziening.nl, woestijnbevloeier.

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