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how to achieve self-sufficient living

self-sufficiency  school for self-sufficiency (pretty expensive).

self-sufficiency guide  links.

self-sufficient-blog  self-sufficiency links

selfsufficiency photos  camera [pc, internet] marginal in the self-suff. household.
self-sufficiency  youtube (and other video portals).

the green center

kin domain  youtube (anastasia, ringing cedars movement).


self-sufficiency and homesteading

downsizer.net  for a sustainable and ethical future.

homesteading youtube (and other video portals).. 


permaculture design course pdf  ('81) barking frogs permaculture center

food not lawns  permaculture.

fantastic farms

permaculture  wikipedia
rv (recreational vehicle) gardening

how-to-grow-your-own-food in an rv.

transition culture  peakoil, climate crisis, permaculture.


self-sufficiency and preparedness  rather high degree of 'survivalism', not unlike
wikipedia's 'self-sufficiency', '11. nevertheless, many interesting topics, some 'green living' and 'rural and small town living' perhaps with it.   

self-sufficient homestead

permies  forums articles videos podcasts

ukiah blog  local shop, local economy and other themes.

the smallest smallholding


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