Some studio self-production key texts. Apart from Autarceia, Briefs 2 and On self- production' translations/adaptations from dutch language originals.
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A new garden


Sustainable ...

Basic property

Buy less, buy different, produce yourself

On self-production  (News 2)

Sea level rise and rural repopulation (News 3)
Basic property and migration
Desert irrigator                               



1. A different economy ? Produce most of your material needs (step by step,
together) yourself. Participate, also in a wider socio-political context to it : a
right to land, basic income, self building. And consider, development of
self-production to be so much easier than that of train, automobile, aeroplane.

2. Self-production: an answer partly to Plato (Politeia), Aristotle (Politics,
autarkeia), Epicurus (garden, ...), More (Utopia), Defoe (Robinson CrusoŽ),
Rousseau, Smith (The wealth of nations), Thomas Paine (Agrarian justice),
Proudhon, Bakoenin, Thoreau (Walden), Marx, Tolstoi, William Morris, Henry
George (Progress and poverty), Kropotkin, Ebenezer Howard (Garden cities of
tomorrow), Gandhi, ... .

Ginsberg (Howl), Gary Snyder (...), ... .
Maria Mies (subsistence perspective, Vandana Shiva (decolonising the north,
... ).

And many, many others. See also Books, before 1970, articles. Suggestions


                                            A NEW GARDEN


Are there front garden, back garden
ornamental garden, kitchen garden, utility
garden, botanical garden and many other
gardens, living garden now (maybe) too. 

In extension of kitchen garden and utility
garden a living garden provides for food
fuel, building and clothing material
for water, for work.

With minimal in and output of materials
/products outside garden or environment,
to live by a living garden in a natural
easy, clean, healthy, secure way
is possible.


Fruits, leaves, roots
nuts, eggs, meat
hardly grains
everything fire-less and by intuition
consult sources. 


The garden adjacent and in walking
distance an equivalent area per inhabitant
in it amongst others vegetation for food
fuel, building, clothing.

Residence thus, warm, collection of rain
and or ground water, selective use of
cement, glass, artificial and chemical

Consumption increasingly according to
self production, limited buying of other
goods, services, limited participation in
the production thereof.


Alongside paths, roads, streets
is the waiting for seeds
in quantities unseen
of fruit-bearing green.

translation' 08.06 of Een nieuwe tuin' 92.91.

' A first use of the word, leeftuin (living garden), in Zelfvoorziening als banenplan
(Self-sufficiency as a plan for employment), ' 82.
'' Anopsology. Compare Hunza diet.

Studio Zelfvoorziening ' 97.06.08


l. Local food

Many airplanes, trains, trucks and ships supply metropolis a amongst others
with foods.
Places of origin of these foods lie scattered all over the globe, together a
considerable area, per inhabitant not too large a field.
Multiple the ways and long along which daily meals reach inhabitant, the
manufacturing thereby of the foods shows a same input of machinery and
About half of the foods is luxury, delicacies, exotics, wellbeing inhabitants not
necessarily promoting, an other half remarkable cheap.
Economists watch over the right functioning of the phenomenon, enjoy high
wages , advocate low wages, minimal unemployment incomes and praise the

Metropolis b. Situated like metropolis a, an equal number of inhabitants, few
economists, some of the enough, some sustainables.
Not many airplanes, no trains and a limited number of trucks, ships supply the
metropolitans amongst others with foods.
The fields whereby mainly they eat lie surprisingly near in extended interconnec-
tedness around and in the metropolis.
Non manufactured often or packed the foods arrive at places of destination,
modest kitchens, serving fairytale dishes, excellent drinks.
Some inhabitants gather most meals themselves, from trees, bushes, plants in
gardens delightfully theirs.

2. Local building

As for foods, transports for building and construction to a metropolis cover
substantial quantities over enormous distances.
From anywhere forests, quarries, mines, drills, by byways of processing the
huge agglomeration of moving and non moving materials is collected.
Industrial, commercial sites, networks of roads, of tube, of wire, wherein rather
compact living quarters looking out on imposant buildings.
Explanation by enginepower alone of the incredibly developed in multitude of
media told of, falls short.
Times of manpower and horses saw a good many materials, for temples palaces
graveworks, for weapons tools treasures arts carried under varied conditions from

Posthistoric in some observations metropolis b architecture is called.
Human measure all over, inventive fairly common employment of local materials,
most open lay outs.
Marvellously adapted to landshapes and vegetation phantasies of soft sloping
terraces mark its typical, living, quarters.
On few scarcely signposted mainways relaxed vehicles move, a quite natural
river, minimal bridge.
Basically b metropolitans use footpaths, coloured by season, of arcadic design.

Studio zelfvoorziening, '


Basic property' appears to be a novelty in english too, giving an opening on
progressive ideology development, also in retrospect, and being a powerfull tool
in social philosophy, science, economy.

To be understood as basic income: property that anybody has or ought to have.

Is basic income not to be missed on internet, basic property in the sense
implied is not yet present as such, presumably.

That form of private property that realizes directly what socialisms, communisms
and many anarchisms intended with 'communal property' on various levels: more
equality among the population as for the availability of means of existence such
as land, underground, water, forest, roads, residence plots, ..., or the products
there- of.

The idea though of a [equal] right to land and other natural resources not without
an honourable tradition, also the link to a basic income as a consequence of it
will have been made before.

And states the Universal declaration of the rights of man' the right to property
differently, this in contradiction to the ample right to labour, with a right to food,
clothing, shelter, plus [art.25.1] there lies a claim to means of existence that is
not realized yet with an equal share in the natural resources / means of production.

'Theory of property' thus to be researched and developed, elaboration of the new
property being in a primary stage [1], contemporary practical advantages are
a basic income to be derived from it, that partly in natura then: residence plot,
garden plot, .., could be enjoyed.

translation, adaptation of Basic property. [basis bezit, dutch language, ' 06]

1. Several texts in dutch, researching (amongst others) central issues as family
size and allocation of plots.

Studio self-production' 08,012.

Less : for some bitter necessity, for others
source of savings, such as cd's, drinks, cafe,
restaurant, hotel, air travel ... .
Different : basic materials, half-products from
regio and locality, partly saving(s).
Self : more completely or partly : food, clothing,
furniture, house, water, energy, health, recreation,
culture ... .

A link thus between the wider consume less
*, frugal and simple living, critical
consuming, the consumer perspective in general and self-sufficiency.

Is consumption production, the consumption pattern of self-production on an acre
or so of land and with minimum import-export, can be applied with little loss of
characteristics to partiallly self-production in town or city.
A garden thereto preferred, but not necessary.

Raw materials to a lesser extent or none from own property then and more from
locality and region, processing nevertheless mainly by oneself, amongst others
in co-operative workshops.

The lifestyle in both cases directed to least use of machinery, devices (energy,
environment, local imports which need local exports), an indication :

No refrigerator, vacuum-cleaner, washing machine.
Refrigerator : cupboard under the sink, cooled by
ground or water-pipe, cellar.
Vacuum-cleaner :  water sprinkler, broom, whisk
, floorcloth if needed, appropriate floor, furniture
without dust nests, mopping carpets.
Washing machine : for the advanced : bucket with
personal clothing daily on furnace, wring out and
soaking several times (days) again, blankets and
the like elsewhere

Thus consuming and producing oneself towards self-sufficiency, putting money
apart for realization of the local co-operative or departure when the time comes
to country life. Political articulation with an equal intent.
* buy nothing day

transl. Studio self-production ' 09 from Koop minder, koop anders, produceer zelf,
' 06. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.


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SUSTAINABLE ...         
Mobility, policy.                                                                               
Living near working, working near living : plus, plus
Local/regional basic materials and products :  plus
Other mobility : minus
Development of bus lines, busses (non stop, roll in roll out,
shuttle type
' ) one person cars, clean engines, tunnels under
instead of bridges over rivers ? etc. etc. : plus
Railways : minus, minus.
Explanation railways : from foregoing results an overcapacity
of transport facility. On esthetic (wider landscape, diminishing
funfair quality of society) as well as economic reasons it is
attractive then to do without railways.
' info Studio self-production.                                                                        

Ending in small strips alongside (outgoing) roads
with livings adjacent, fair in the greens
Following natural (or artificial) slopes
'' where possible,
saving fertile valley land too.
Upstream roads ideally on borderlines
watersheds of streams and streamlets.
' A.o : buildings (noisefree) around roads instead of
roads around buildings. (?)
'' Terraced appartments concept : info Studio self-production.

So, amongst others, green living near working
at and around roads, long live Land city.
Much better selfbuilding, in materials mostly
from locality and region, and
by simplicity of  operation, tools, design,
of relative timeless beauty.
Sustainable paradox : more nondurable materials
such as reed, wood, clay, sand-, limestone, brick
appear, all in all, to be more durable then
durables such as glass, concrete, steel, plastics.

Did the last quarter of previous century see (subsidy)
billions in Techno (pseudo)solutions pass nation's
journals, so much cheaper, effective, human, progressive
Notech answers
' did reach readers scarcely or not.
' Less/no use of energy-intensive apparatus/products
(qualitative time profit qua production plus qua consumption)
such as working near living/living near working, no high
speed train, less air travel, media and more that softly
renaturates Homo Apparatus.

Terraced appartments building (see 2) being safer with
earthquakes, more local and natural production of  food has
the extra advantage of better food security in case of extreme
crop-failures or shortages as a result of diseases, conflict,
climate and additional atmospheric, cosmic or other influences.
how simple it is.
to live there
where nourishment grows.     
'''(from Walden three, poetic essay)

Just walking, swimming, floating, rowing, sailing
in soft-mechanical made vessels, some bicycling,
featherlight flying, in case motoric mobile
now and then, although half the distance at most.                              
'''(from Self-sufficient walking, politically)

Much, many, frequently, from everywhere to everywhere is
superfluous and illusory.
Electronic content an exeption to illusory, perhaps not too

Human rights
art. 4   : wage slavery ?
art. 17 : basic property, basic income.
art. 23 : a right to means of production (underground, land,
water, air, ether, space, ...) = a right to income = relative
freedom to work.
art. 26 : a right to illiteracy ?
' Sustainable in the sense of less susceptible to improvements.
Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man, United Nations, 1948.


From every monetary transaction
each citizen and by this one the state                  
receives a variable fraction.
Taxation, basic income thus fully automatic,       
collection and payment almost costless              
At the same time injustice, nonsense avoided         
wage slavery, rat race opposed.                               
' In earlier version Freedom and virtue. Sustainable in the sense of
daily available to everyone, a certain purchasing power included. 
'' Every monetary transaction. Coins, notes, numbers going from
person to person, from account to account. (to elaborate, analyse,
chart, ...). With slight but acceptable changes in meaning a rhyming
and anyhow correct English version to be reached. Banished and
vanished i.o avoided and opposed perhaps not acceptable.
translation Studio self-production '10. Original Dutch version, 01, 02.
'' dutch language.